Every Wednesday throughout August we will be hosting free family fun from 11am – 4pm outside Poundland.

Each week there will be interactive workshops and activities designed for children and their parents and grandparents to get together and create beautiful designs, get creative and work together on lovely ‘make and take’ projects.

Children will be able to collect a flyer and stamp each time they attend a session, after they have received 3 stamps, they will be eligible for a prize.

Dates and activities listed below;

Wednesday 7th August – Knitting & Pom Pom Making: Youngsters and their parents can join our professional knitting enthusiast and learn how to knit and make colourful pom poms

Wednesday 14th August – Bird Cakes: Parents, grandparents and their kids can take a seat in the creative workshop area to mix, mould and make their own bird cakes to take home and hang up in the garden.

Wednesday 21st August – Flower Planting: Gardening – the perfect activity to get stuck in with your kids, grandkids and their friends! Parents, Grandparents and guardians can help their youngsters to decorate pretty plant pots, then fill them with soil, plant flower seeds and water them.

Wednesday 28th August – Trust Exercises and Games: Everyone can join in with the event team and take part in a selection of exercises and games designed to build trust and bring lots of fun!

PLUS, Mocktail Mixing All Days: Every event day, shoppers get the opportunity to take part in the Summer Mocktail Mixing Classes, where they can create their own delicious mocktails

Keep an eye out on our social channels for more information!